With Data Guru, You Can:

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 Data Guru’s visual macros and workflows are easily repeated, modified, shared and updated.

Your future workflows get smarter and smarter, saving you and your team valuable time.

Why Do Managers Love Data Guru?

  • “Big” Questions are Answered Quickly
  • Greater Value is Extracted from ERP
  • Analysts Can Access Data Without IT Support

Data macros and visual workflows are self-documenting. Unlike SQL queries, with complex code that is often ‘lost in the translation’, Data Guru stores work in a standard format with re-usable workflows for quick adoption by future analysts. You can select previous projects from your library instead of starting from scratch, or worse yet, wading through someone else’s code.

View Big Data on Little Computers

Data Guru quickly displays manageable samples of even the largest database.

Drag and Drop Interface

No coding, no tedious commands, simple graphic UI.

Aggregate Unstructured Data

Web, Emails, Tweets? Data Guru brings it together.

“Thanks to Data Guru, we can build out visual models with repeatable, structured data aggregated for our applications. What a time saver!”